Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blogging tools I use on a daily basis

First thing I do is I look at Statcounter to keep track of my traffic, the free option seems to work for me well as I don't get much traffic, there are other free counters out there but I just seem to like the layout of this option.

When I post I do a few things, I add Technorati Tags to my posts, at the moment I'm not sure if I'm tagging the right way, it seems to work though because as soon as I started tagging my posts I seemed to get a lot more traffic from technorati. Some info and links on tags can be found here .
I also use a couple of ping services which are and , enter your blogs info and these services let a number of places know that you've updated your blog.
I also submit posts I feel are kinda worthy and helpful to places like , and , I seem to get quite a few hits from these places.

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