Monday, April 03, 2006

Content, image and video hosting for blog beginners

First off I'll post a few links to where you can find content you can use on your site, these sites will explain to you how you can us this content, all the legal stuff about using others material. Original content is always best.

I will also post some links to image and video hosting sites, These sites will let you show images and videos on your blog (the image section will be brief, as you can upload images through blogger).

Public domain content and licensed material
Wikipedia Public Domain This will explain public domain content.
Creativecommons This is what some of the sites will use.

Trafficgeni, public-domain-sources
Has a rather big list of public domain sources. Great starting point.

Great source for articles, must read there conditions of use before you use the content. Very easy to find other services like this.
Enormous source of content, make sure you read the FAQ and the licensing terms with each media item.

Great source for images, each photo has its own license that tells you what you can and can't so.

Public domain photos.

With all of the above it is common courtesy to ask permission first and to acknowledge the owner when you use content.

Image hosting services.

List of most of the major image hosting sites.

Video hosting services.
Upload your own videos and use the codes provided to show them on your blog.

Very cool looking site lots to watch and even upload your own T.V shows.

Probably the biggest video hosting service out there. Upload, share and view others videos. Codes provided so they can be viewed on your blog.

Hmm they've change abit since I last saw their site, looks bigger and better though.
Video hosting, lots of options for your own site.

Media hosting service, lots of options.

Video audio hosting.

Seems pretty cool.

Easy to use.

Music video codes you can use on your site.

Media hosting, lots of options.

Upload media.

Don't know to much about this one but it looks interesting.

Media hosting sharing.

Video search.

Video sharing.

Media hosting and sharing.

media sharing community.

List of video hosting sites with extensive, evolving reviews.

Well hope that was a good starting point for you guys, for finding content for your site or for turning your blog into a vlog, hope it helps.

If you want to protect your own original content take a look at Creativecommons and check out what it can do for you.


MarkusFarkus said... is a great video hosting site that lets you do a lot more with the video than the other download videos and watch them in full screen tv quality video...much better.

Clip said...

Thanks for the heads up I've put Veoh on the list, if anyone else would like to suggest other sites to be icluded just leave a comment cheers.
markusfarkus your blogs a great read too.

Anne Walk said...

hi. great list idea.

at, we have a section dedicated to finding and reviewing video hosting sites. there are about thirty listed so far...and growing. maybe you would find it helpful. i know i saw some hear i need to check out!


Clip said...

Cool if its ok i've added your link to this list.

Blogger said...

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