Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good sources for blog related news, info and help

Here is a list of other Forums and sites that have provided a lot of useful information in helping me set up my sites.

Forums have been a huge help, you can find an answer to almost anything, if not post the question yourself.


Digitalpoint Forums I've spent hours on this forum reading pretty much everything I can and I've only scratched the surface. SEO, marketing, tools, programming are only a few of what they have to offer.

Bloggerforum This has also been a huge help in getting my blogs up and running. Help with template design, getting noticed are a few of the helpful topics.

Bloggershq Farley new forum, very nice layout and lots of cool ideas for the blogger.

Associateprograms.com Lots of info, main focus on Affiliate programs.

Seochat Forum Great forum for SEO.

Sites with news and info
These sites have internet related news and info that is updated regularly.


Consumingexperience Blog news, gadget, technology and internet news.

Blogforfunandprofit Blog news, info and help.

Webbizblog Online business news help and info.

Internet-marketing-blog Help and info for internet marketing.


Performancing Handy blog related articles and news.

Bloggerpreneur Blog news and info.

Problogger Very extensive news, info and help site.

Webpronews News and info.

Masternewmedia Handy info and news, with some great guides and lists.

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