Thursday, April 20, 2006

Social bookmarking helpful links

I'm new to this social bookmark thingy, I still don't fully understand the concepts, all I really know is I submit to a social bookmarking site and people come to my site. In researching this topic I've come across some info, services and tools.

So I thought I would share some of the findings.

To kick things off

Some detailed Info on the subject Very good explantion about social bookmarking, bought to my attention by ycc2106 from 3spots who also pointed me to to a list of services that also list the features each service has, 3spots service list and features .
Tag info From Wikipedia.
Social bookmarking info From Wikipedia, also has a list of services available.
Consultantcommons Introduction to social bookmarks, tags and comparisons of tools. Setting up social bookmarks and a list of the more popular services.

Some Social bookmark services
A list of services that offer social bookmarking.

3spots Huge list of social bookmark sites with the code so you can
implement them into your blog.

The more popular bookmark services. Seems to be one of the more popular services. Tech related bookmarks.

Some more services
Fark submit Not to sure if this is a social bookmark service, but getting on that front page would be cool.

The 3spots link has a lot more services I just picked out a few I like.
Most of the services require sign up and some post your bookmarked page to a recently submitted page like this one on Reddit in real time.
Most of the services allow you to tag your bookmarks and also allow others to as well.

Some tools and tutorials

Sampsak A guide and the code to add bookmark buttons to the footer of your posts, so others can bookmark your post to various bookmarking services.
Consumingexperience Guides and codes to create bookmark links for your blog posts. has a tool that creates the code to put social bookmark links into blog, very easy to use. This generator creates tag and bookmarklet code. I'm still a little hazy on some of the concepts here. EDIT: I use this to generate my Technorati Tags code , type in the tags you want select the service you want and hit generate code easy as pie.
3spots A selection of applications. various tools.

I find that I have to play around with the placement of most of these codes to get them to work with different templates but thats part of the fun.

Remember to read the rules and regs when signing up to these services, some only allow on topic bookmarks, some don't allow blogs, don't spam it up and pick the best, most resourceful pages to bookmark.

LOL I'm still confused by this concept of social bookmarking, the links listed above have gotten me to some kind of level but I know that I'm missing something substantial.

Any comments or advice is very much appreciated.

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ycc2106 said...

What you say is a small part of social bookmarking, and it's also discussed because it can become spam. And spam is not at all the purpos.

For understanding social bookmarks I recommend:
very easy and simple to understand. you may have allready seen, short introduction and a list of different kinds of social bookmarks.

Hope that helps(?)

Clip said...

Thanks for the links is a good read, I've also updated this post to include the links you mentioned.

Still a little confused though, say if I go to your post and hit the bookmark button, and assuming its allready on would I be making a new bookmark or would I be adding to the "saved by 100 other people". Would it be best to search for that post and save it on there?

Lorelle said...

Thanks for the nice comments about my articles.

To quickly answer your question, as I'm on the road traveling, yes, if you add a link to that other people have linked to, it adds to the list. The more people who "bookmark" the site, the higher it can go on the ratings score. This is the same as works for and other social bookmarking services. When it gets into the high ratings, it reaches more people, who will read the post and possibly add it to their list or "digg" it.

There are two elements important to understand with social bookmarking. One is that this is a way for you to save links to sites you want to refer back to in the past. The other is to "play the game" of "recommending" sites and finding recommended sites. It takes searching for content and stories to a new kind of level where recommendations have more weight than non-recommended sites and posts. Some people get so into this, it becomes addictive as they chase down new posts and try to be the first to submit it to Digg, or click on popular posts to add to the tally, like gamblers or fans of auctions ("What is the score now, Martha?).

I tend to use social bookmarks for the first reason. I want to save sites and articles for future reference, not to get other people necessarily excited about the information. If they are, then great. But I collect them because they serve me and help me with my research, not because they are part of a popularity contest.

I do, however, browser through the most popular posts on social networking services to find out what people are talking about and showing interest in. That helps me understand fads and fans and what information I can write on my blogs to help meet those interests.

It can be fun, but look at it as useful, too.

I hope that helps.

Clip said...

Thanks for the comment and the help, as a blog beginner it's always great to get feedback, LOL I didn't even know about social bookmarking until I started blogging.
Your site brings a lot of unique ideas to attention, very cool.

tak13 said...

On the same site there's an other post that helped me, it says because of the buzz we think it can do magic, that was quite true for me: