Monday, July 10, 2006

Feed moved over to My Yahoo now.

In the previous post I wrote about how I lost all my feeds on google homepage and how I'd started using sage to read my list of feeds, well sage worked fine but when I was rebuilding my list with firefox I was adding the feeds as Live Bookmarks What I didn't realize at first was that these continually update, so after I had rebuilt my list of about 500 feeds my connection was getting hogged by the feeds updating.
I decided to stop using sage and to move my feeds some where else, I didn't really want to do this because Sages opml export was a little iffy for me.
I'm kind of using Bloglines but I'm mainly using My Yahoo , I moved every feed one by one over to yahoo.
I'm liking My Yahoo at the moment I just hope it doesn't loose my feeds like the other big daddy.

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