Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to use MySpace to promote your site

I've been trying to use MySpace to promote some of my blogs for awhile now, trying to find a guide has been kind of hard as well, most of the time they contain helpful tips but nothing definite.

I thought I would write a guide about how I use Myspace to promote my blogs.

First off friends, you need a butt load of friends. The main ways I add friends is to go to groups with a similar theme to the sites that I want to promote, I then go to their members list and start adding people, some will accept some will deny, this way is very slow and time consuming. You can also search for people with similar interests, this is time consuming as well.

Another way is to join Myspace Whore Trains, google "Myspace trains" or "Myspace whoretrains" and join a few, you can add the people on the trains to your friends list and repost the bulletins but I don't do that now I just join the trains and let people add me it seems to work well this way, a lot faster and I can join 4 times more trains than I used to. The friends you add from whore trains will probably send out bulletins to join trains this will introduce you to more trains, some trains work better than others so It's good to test them out to find the good ones. One thing with train friends is they are more spammy than non train friends, try and keep a balance between targeted friends and train friends.

Here's a couple places to check out:
friendfleet.com This isn't really a whore train but it serves up people to add easily, it also has a points system.
msfan.com You can easily join loads of trains here fast.

Joining groups and participating in them is a good way to get friend requests also.

I've also heard of programs that claim to automate the friend adding process but I haven't used any software, I've heard of accounts being hacked, wiped, banned so it's best to use your own judgment.

I find trying to get friends very boring so I usually spend about 15 minutes every now and then doing the above this usually yields me 100 to 150 friends, I've read somewhere that Myspace has a cap on how many friends can be added in a day, so it's probably best to take your time.


The ways I use Myspace to promote is to send out bulletins to my friends, I promote single posts from my blogs that are geared towards things Myspace users would find useful like Myspace templates, codes etc. I also send out bulletins with codes with my banner in them and say something like "add this cool button to your Myspace page". I do the same in group bulletin boards, but these bulletins are geared more towards the niche I'm targeting e.g Fishing blog find fishing groups to post in.

Whenever I leave a comment on someone's Myspace page I put my banner in the post, like a signature on a forum, Leaving comments can also leave you open to more friend requests.

The easiest and fastest out of the above is to send bulletins out to the friends list but for this to be worth the hassle your going to need loads of friends, so it's back to the beginning.

Creating a good profile page is needed to, fill out all the information fields and place links and banners to the site you want to promote.

One bulletin post to a thousand friends gets one of my blogs 50 to 100 hits, keep working at it and the hit count can only get bigger.


Adding friends
  • Get lots of friends-Manually add friends geared towards your niches.
  • Join whoretrains but don't over do it, keep a good balance.
  • Participate in groups and leave comments with your friends.
  • Send bulletins out to your friends.
  • Leave bulletins in groups targeted to your niche.
  • Comment on your friends pages with a banner or link as a signature.
  • Participate in groups targeted to your niche.
  • Have a good filled out profile page with links and banners to your sites.
  • And just plain take part in the community.
This is what I know that works for me, there's probably loads more that can be done but I have no idea what those could be.

I hope this is helpful, the one most important thing out of this is to make sure you participate in the community, this will generate word of mouth, recommendations and passing along of your profile, links and presence.

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Anonymous said...

I joined myspace recently because google has its fingers in it. But after looking I really can't see the benefit it seems to be more of a personal blog entry site.

Erwin said...

Clip, great post - I didn't know about the whore trains, and I just wrote a MySpace promotion guide myself.

My guide is targeted at 'spacer rookies, although some veterans may still learn a thing or two :)

Check out the "10 Ways To Use MySpace as a Promotional Tool" article here:


Thanks for writing your guide!


Anonymous said...

I'll do that right now. Thank you


Ron Jones said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Although I know a lot about SEO/SEM I know absolutely nothing about myspace. I've read a few posts at webmaster world that social networking sites like facebook & myspace can be very useful, but wouldn't go into much detail. I appreciate your investigation and the post.
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Noelevz said...

thanks for the information. I'll try this to promote my blog, hope I get more hits.Again, thanks for a very informative blog!

HughJahsoul said...

There are much easier ways to generate the kind of blog traffic you're talking about. MySpace is best used for branding and not direct traffic generation.

Paul Krenz said...

Hi Clip! :-)

lol.. "whoretrains".. that is a catchy name. Unfortunately, I have to pay to use it though, or am I wrong? Well, I'm new to blogging and just love to write about health issues.

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Why not get paid for publishing quality content? :-) I think if it's quality content, that's what matters most and will generate the most traffic, sooner or later.


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Thanks for the post! However, I've heard that this isn't a very effective way of promotion, but I'd might give it a shot anyway.

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I do the same in group bulletin boards, but these bulletins are geared more towards the niche I'm targeting e.g Fishing blog find fishing groups to post in.

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