Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I got netscaped

On one of my other blogs I receive about 100 unipues a day and I sometimes submit a post or two to netscape and I never really see much traffic from it. Today I was checking my stats and stuff and was shocked to see over a 1000 unipues had visited that blog in one day, so I checked to see where they were coming from, they were all from netscape but not from my submitted post but from a new post that was on the front page of netscape. A link to one of my submissions was at the top of the "related stories from netscape" and people were clicking on that to go to my page.

This has resulted in a farely big earnings day, not that big but the most that I have earned in a day.

So netscape is useful, before this I had thought that netscape was a waste of time.

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