Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eefoofs new identity VuMe and its transition

I'd had an account at eefoof for quite awhile before I started properly using it. The way it works is that all the views your images, videos etc get in a month get put up for a share of the monthly earnings pool, the more views the bigger the cut. I just put the thumbnail links in my sidebar of one of my other blogs, no hastle, no work.

About two weeks ago I noticed that they had reinvented themselves, new name VuMe pronounced View Me or something, but I can't help from saying voooom, better looking site with couple little added features, very cool.

It is a lot better than the old eefoof, however not all features are implemented yet, its a preview of the final product. It also looks like they have closed the old eefoof site, which means I can't do my daily check of image views and the thumbnails in my blog no longer work, I'm just lucky I didn't link to them all over the place.

I hope that they implement some of the final features soon because I want to see if my profits have transferred over properly.

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