Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Auto Blogography, my failed blogs and all

This post will introduce you to all my blogging efforts to date, from my most successful to my dead blogs.

My Paranormal Life - This is my most successful blog of the lot. I think the reason being is that I really enjoy the subject matter, which means I have the drive to post to it regularly.

This is basic blogging 101, choose a topic that you are passionate about, post regularly and participate in your niches community. Every thing will grow naturally over time, but it doesn't hurt to get the occasional burst in interest every once in awhile (diggs front page etc)

MPL gets about 300 visitors a day, and from that I earn about $1.50 a day. Most of the traffic comes from Google.

Embed My Video - This is one of my newish blogs, this blog deals with video submissions from people who have videos on a video sharing site called Revver, people email me their videos and I post them and help to give their videos some exposure.

At this time I have only done basic promotion and am about to get right into it really soon.

Revver Dose - This is just a really casual blog, very new. Just going to post videos from Revver that I find interesting.

The Random How To - A future project I'm working on.

Pink Sticker - Also a future project I'm working on, I spend a lot of time around cars.

Recreating the Paranormal - yet another future project, see what I mean about every other week.

Onto some blogs that I no longer update.

Robot War Suits - I started this blog around the same time I started MPL, I had a brief fascination with robots, but I lost interest because I really knew nothing about em.

ASOL Tattoo Adventures - This was my first proper blog, I'm an artist by training and was thinking about training to be a tattoo artist, that ship has long since sailed and the blog was geared mostly towards tattoos, so I left it behind. Maybe sometime in the future I'll reinvent that one also.

Beer Soaked Clothing - I spent a lot of time on this blog and did enjoy posting to it, I then realised that there are 3 main types of blogs out there that everyone is doing, humour blogs, tech blogs and how to be a blogger blogs. Partly the reason why I stopped posting to Random Shock.

Candi Grande - I still don't know what this one was about.

Cell Pic Showoff - A place for people to share their interesting camera phone pics, it never took off.

Each Day A Post - I tried to post to this blog everyday, but I struggled to think of anything interesting to write about everyday.

I have created a lot more blogs, but they aren't really worth mentioning, I'd usually work on em for a day, get bored of the topic or forget about them.

Maybe I'll post about those ones in a future post entitled "What the hell was I thinking with that blog"

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