Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My content is being stolen

I just got a comment on My Paranormal Life pointing me to another blog that is using my posts as it's own, not crediting the me at all. I wouldn't mind so much if they were just quoting me and linking back to the original post, but they ain't. They are also using my entire post, including links, embeds etc.

Here's a link to the blog in question and here's the link to my original post Recreating the Paranormal
, see the similarity.

It looks to me that the the blog in question is automated, all I really want is for it to be made known that it is my post, a link saying view original post and not for them to use the entire post.

I'm probably going to deal with this by leaving a comment on a few of the newer posts at the blog in question pointing people to the original at my blog.

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