Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Paranormal Life got farked

My Paranormal Life got onto the front page of fark.com a few days ago for this post UFO - Italian Air Force Video, I had been farked before for this post Video of a spiraling UFO over Russia. The first time around I got a lot of residual link backs to my post from it and saw a jump in my earnings and I credit the first dark for where My Paranormal Life is now.

This time however I have seen next to no residual effect in link backs to MPL and no jump in earnings, the traffic it bought in though is about the same as the first time, 4000 the first day and steadily declining.

I got onto Fark.coms front page this time around I think because the video was new and I was one of the first to jump on it, I also think that because I used the youtube version of the video people didn't need to link back to my site, they'd click the fark link to my blog and I think immediately click the youtube video, go to youtube and share it themselves. What I should have done was use the Google video version, it's harder to find the embed codes through them and people would have stayed longer at MPL. Kind of selfish of me, but hey that's why I blog (dang I'm sounding really crude).

I just had an idea, I could just edit the post and replace it with the Google video version, I'm still getting about 1000 hits a day from it, nah I think I'll just live with my mistake.

I hope I haven't caused bry3500 any head aches

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