Friday, April 27, 2007

Time managment is key for any succesful blogger

I'm a very unorganised blogger and I have a TO DO list that's about 5 pages long, most of the things on that to do list are things that I only have to do once then forget about them, which include submitting my blogs to a complete list of blog directories, I am forever putting that off because it is so bloody boring to do, but it is forever distracting me. Other things on that list are building up my social Networking profiles keeping track of all my comments and conversations and many more things.

That list should have never gotten that big, it's distracting me from making quality posts because I am always trying to keep up with the list.

I think one of the most important things for anyone who wants to be a successful blogger is to be able to not spread themselves to thin and to able to manage their time in an effective manner. Finding a nice balance between promotion and content, if your content is good your promotion will become less important as people will spread it for you.

Some people may miss me from all my communications and my other blogs for the next few days as I am going to try and get organized and up to date with my lists.

It's going to be a really boring mission for the most part.

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