Thursday, April 26, 2007

Update about VuMe

Just a quick update about the previous post I made "Eefoofs new identity VuMe and its transition". I just logged in to VuMe and saw that they had implemented the "My Profits" option. I had still been using my old thumb links from eefoof, but they stopped working yesterday, so I just replaced them with the VuMe links, all my content from eefoof was transferred to VuMe automatically

The profits from eefoof haven't been transferred over yet, they're still calculating them. What I did notice was that I already had 39 cents in the VuMe profits, which is cool, I made money not even doing anything. I'm also thinking that profits may be updated more regularly than just every month, I hope this is so.

Here's some of the images that I have at VuMe, plus a video from when I signed up:

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