Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekly Blog Report no.1

Well I changed the title of this blog to "Successful Blogging With Random Shock", mainly because this isn't optimized for the topic I'm writing about, I don't really want to make this a "make money" blog. It's really is just a journal to keep myself centered with all my other blogs.

What I hope to achieve with this Weekly Blog Report is to keep note of anything that I have done with my other blogs that works, that has help these blogs out, anything that helps in their success.

Total earning for last month from adsense and revver combined:
These are the only two of note, below is the combined earnings.

Combined Earning: $48.75

Below will be reports on blogs that have little successes:

Strange Clips - This is my newest blog, about a couple weeks old, basically I just find video clips that I find Strange and add my own commentary.

I haven't done much promotion of it yet, just added it to a few blog directories, added MyBlogLog and Technorati to it and stumbled it. I also added a few links to similar sites in the sidebar that I like, hopefully they will return the favour. I also started a link exchange request at the blogger forums.

I also added a link to it from some of my dead blogs that have PR, I have found that doing this gets me listed in google faster.

Yesterday I made a post that I thought users of social bookmarking sites would like called "how to Change traffic lights with a universal remote", the biggest referrers were Digg and Netscape, I went from 0 traffic to 150 in one day. Now I only submit posts that I think will go down well with these types of sites, I have noticed that the users of these sites love strange and cool "How To Guides" along with strange news as long as it is fresh news.

Where will I go from here, I'll probably build up a forum and blog list along with posting frequently, as of right now I don't think to many people would want to link to a blog with 5 posts in the archives that Isn't even in the search engines yet.

Embed My Video - I get about 100 - 150 visits a day here, half of that traffic comes from google searches related to the title and the other half comes from a blog that has linked to me in their sidebar.

I also regularly get video submissions and they make up nearly all my posts.

I'm having a little trouble trying to promote this one as the whole idea behind it was that the people submitting videos would promote their posts themselves, in turn trying to gain the weekly top spot for their video. Revver videos pay, so the top spot would give maximum exposure.
This hasn't really worked out, I'm not sure but I may have to do another how to post and give more options for distribution of the posts.

My Paranormal Life - Keeps ticking along, roughly 350 visits a day, mostly from google, bringing in roughly $2 - $3 a day.

I have noticed that when I make a post these days it usually ends up within the first 2 pages of googles results for my keywords, which is cool, I just have to keep posting and I'll be sweet. I think I'm at a point here where only making posts matters, other bloggers link to my posts along with some of the big daddy sites in the paranormal field, from time to time anyway.

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