Saturday, April 21, 2007

What I know about Revver

With Embed My Video I affiliate Revver Videos, by affiliateing the videos I earn 20% of ad revenue, you can read more about how it works in the Revver FaQ.

Now I haven't noticed to much affiliate earnings so far, but EMV only gets between 100 and 200 visits a day, I think that I would need a lot more traffic to see any real earnings from affiliating.

My real earnings come from uploading my own videos and promoting them, once uploaded there are a number of sites that you can submit your videos to right of the bat, these sites give a nice initial burst in views, I wrote a post on EMV about most of the sites I know of called "How to promote your Revver Videos", the post also includes a few links to some really high traffic sites, I only included the easy sites (submit it and forget in type sites) and I included a brief guide about blogging.

At the moment I have 16 videos uploaded to Revver which earns me just under $1 a day, I did get $2 yesterday though. Revver has an accounting reports feature that tracks your videos views and earnings, It's a little slow and the major stats are updated once a day, but I do like that each videos performance is tracked, you are able to determine which videos are converting and which aren't. So it helps in narrowing down what works and what doesn't.

My plan from here is to create a couple of series of videos, one series I hope will go viral in my niche at My Paranormal Life, I'm already established in this area and have the traffic and network to feed off, the other series will be branded and will have no network to support it, I'm hopeing the videos themselves will create the exposure for the related site.

I could just upload a few hundred videos of my cat, my house, my car etc, and i guess you could make money that way, but hey that's no fun for any body, so I'm concentrating on quality over quantity.

I guess you could say that this post has been about my experiance thus far with Revver and what I hope will work with my future Revver use. I really didn't know where this post was going when I was writing it.

The next post will contain all my revver videos to date and the post after that will be the anouncement of my revver mission.

I really didn't know what I was writing when I started this post,

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