Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Adopt a Revver Video today

My understanding of Revver is that it isn't a high destination site, which I feel means a lot of great videos go unnoticed, especially if people upload them to Revver and leave em. The idea is that Revver is more of a hosting company and you do your own promotion by spreading it yourself or hopefully having people spread it for you, which is kind of tricky considering Revver has no embedded way of sharing them easily once they are embedded in other places other than Revver.

While surfing for videos on Revver I have come across some great ones, but with usually maybe a dozen views, I usually look them up to see if they are on youtube also and sometimes they are with a hell of a lot more views. I also come across alot that are great and are only uploaded to Revver, but still have very low views.

What I am saying with the tittle of this post, Adopt a Revver Video today is that Revver is a great source of untapped content, there are some great videos that haven't been promoted and haven't been for awhile judging by the age and view count of some of the videos. My guess is that there are a lot of hidden viral videos there that the original uploaders have never used or promoted, so don't miss out discover a viral video today and profit.

They pay you for your efforts, you get a 20% cut of the profits for just sharing the videos.

Another thing to note is that because of the lack of not being easily shared once it is in a blog etc, if the video is good enough people will likely link to your post to let people know about the video. Unlike other video sharing sites where if you click the player you'll be taken to the host site.


Alex Black said...

Clip, hey there, Alex Black from Revver here. You have a pretty good handle on our business - we're less of a portal destination and more of a tools and services site that encourages users to use Revver to distribute and share video elsewhere (i.e. their own sites where they control the branding and presentation) and earn by doing so. Regarding easy sharing options on embedded videos - we don't currently allow that because we are working on a way to implement it without linking back to Revver (and consequently competing with the very creators/brands/sites we are trying to empower) - we're still working out the kinks on this, but just wanted to let you know that this functionality is coming. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

Clip said...

I like the fact that it isn't easy to click through to the host site, it keeps people on my site the way I like it, but I am looking forward to the embeded share options.

I had a few posts of mine get pretty popular, but because I was using youtube videos in them I found that all the traffic would instantly click through to youtube, which made for a very useless jump in traffic, I saw no benefits to my blog because of using youtube.

Thanks for the comment alex black.