Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blog Report No.2

I titled the first Weekly Blog Report no.1, well I'm not going to do this weekly, just gonna do it when interesting things happen.

I also only posted the total earnings for that month in that post, I'm now going to report my total earnings to date, paid and unpaid.

Total Earnings to Date from everything:

Combined earnings: $447.52

There are also a lot of places that have a few dollars in them that I no longer use (and have forgotten about).

Individual blog reports:

My Paranormal Life - Haven't actively been promoting MPL, I did a little shuffling around and found that it hurt my mearnings a lot, but I feel that the design is much better for the user so I'll leave it as is for the moment. My recent posts have been a little generic, so I'm gonna take a little break from posting and work on the content I am creating for it, hopefully the content will be highly linkable stuff, Coz I'm really sick of seeing referral after referral from Google search.
MPL also made it to a list on the Criteo Blog called TOP 100 blogs in English using AutoRoll, MPL is number 93 out of a possible 4000 other blogs that have the widget installed.

Strange Clips - Haven't been promoting this one either, apart from Social Bookmarking and Stumbling the odd post, I haven't had that much success with getting traffic from Stumble Upon, but a couple of days ago I stumbled my latest entry and in about 5 minutes I got nearly 200 hits from SU, which shook me, maybe I'm not stumbling the right way or maybe it has something to do with the main category I chose for it which was animals.

Overall I haven't done that much blog promotion this week with any of my blogs, the above is the most exciting of the lot and that ain't saying much.

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Brandon Watts said...

Congratulations on making the AutoRoll Top 100 English list! You deserve it. :)