Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Driving traffic fast to your new blog

In my last post I talked about Social Bookmarking and your new blog and how it could drive an initial burst of traffic to a blog, I thought that I would expand on this and add a few other ways that I have found to drive traffic to my new blog Strange Clips.

I will cover what has worked for Strange Clips up until this point.

First off Social Bookmarking, (here's a post I made that has a brief list of SB sites along with more info and links to other SB site lists) well I went into it more in the post mentioned above so now I'll tell you what I do. If I can't be bothered bookmarking each post to a lot of sites I'll use OnlyWire, after the initial setup of providing user names and passwords to the sites on the list (you have to have signed up to the social bookmarking sites prior to using onlywire) submitting to 19 SB sites takes less than 10 seconds, all you have to do is add tags. This however is just a quick fix, it only allows for adding tags. So if you think your post is top notch I'd suggest doing it manually.

Secondly, if I think my post is good enough I'll do the OnlyWire option plus a few manual submissions which include Stumbling my post and submitting to Netscape, Digg, Popcurrent and a few others. Also if it fits and is new I'll submit it to fark and b3ta.com links, I find that when ever I do all that is mentioned (fark and B3ta will drive a few extra, but they are very moderated so I don't over do them) will get Strange Clips at most 200 visits the first day and then it slowly sinks to nothing, unless it gets on the front page of any of these sites, that would give mega traffic. Even if you don't get on the front pages I find that I still get people linking to my submissions.

Another thing that I have found that drives a more steady stream of traffic to Strange Clips is using a from called Ebaums, now this forum isn't forum everyone, but it's great for strange clips, it's a mega traffic forum with a very open policy on starting threads. I started a new thread in the video section of the forum referring to this post ZOOHYPNOSIS on Strange Clips which gave me a steady 150 visits each day for a few days, if your thread is popular enough you could see a lot more traffic from this forum and even a few natural back links from it. The thing to note is that Strange Clips is about funny, crazy, strange videos and it suits ebaums very well, now what you'll have to do is find forums that are related to your blog, I usually look for forums in my niche that have high thread views, which will give you an indication of how your threads will do. I'd suggest building a list of forums related to your niche, weeding out the bad seeds, sign up, adding your web page link and a signature in the process, start browsing the forum getting a feel for it, replying to threads and finally starting your own threads (of course with with use full info and maybe a link to a post of yours).

You'll get indexed by Google pretty fast doing the above, even only once even.

All I need to do now from this point on is to repeat the above a few more times with quality, regular and fresh posts and everything should grow naturally.

Ooo I'm feeling centered and ready to go now.

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