Monday, May 14, 2007

Social Bookmarking and your new blog

Submitting posts from your new blog to Social Bookmarking sites can give you some very quick traffic and exposure. Below is a few of my thoughts and experiences on the subject. (I am writing this post with a fever so I hope it makes sense)

I'll use Strange Clips as an Example, because it is pretty new, I made a post especially for a test "Guy catches sunglasses with face", the video was new to the net at time of posting and I think I was one of the first to post it, I promoted it only by submitting it to social bookmarking sites. I didn't really go about optimizing it for search engines, but I have found that after submitting the post to a lot of SB sites I am usually in second spot for most of the keyword combinations in Google and when I am not, usually one of the SB sites I submitted it to is there in place of my blog.

I find this works for most of the posts that I submit to SB sites.

I usually only do this for my new blogs, as I have given up on submitting my blogs to blog directories I find that this is a good alternative which gives multiple mentions in Google for your posts and yields more traffic than directories. Also for a new blog I find it's a great way to announce your new blog to the would, giving an initial burst in back links and traffic with the potential of it getting voted for, if it's good enough.

Promoting my blogs this way I am seeing 200 hits a day after submitting a post, this doesn't last, it slowly trickles away to nothing after a few days, what I am seeing however is that each time I do it I receive natural back links from link dumps, forum threads or other blogs linking to my posts, I am pretty sure they are finding my submissions at SB sites.

This is the way that I start promoting my new blogs now and am still exploring it as something sustainable, but it sure beats the old way of requesting link exchanges, submitting to blog directories and having your early posts go unnoticed because you had no traffic.

Something to think about before you go out and do some of this, don't go out and submit every single post you make to every single SB site you know of, this will probably result in being blocked or shunned by the users or sites.

I follow a few self imposed rules when considering submitting a post to Social Bookmarking sites:
  1. Will it interest the users? - Spend some time looking around the various SB sites to see what people are interested in.
  2. Is it news people don't know about? - If I feel I write a post about something that hasn't caught on yet, I'll submit it, but if I see it's all ready up I'll cancel the submission, no use submitting something that has already been submitted.
  3. Have I submitted to much in a short period of time? - If the answer is yes, I'll back off for awhile.
  4. Mix it up - Bookmark other peoples pages not just your own.
Keep it quality, keep it genuine and never over do it.


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