Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Traffic from zero to 624 in half a day

OK so this morning I made a post tittled Traffic from zero to ?????, basically I had a blog with about 20 hits a day, made a post and submitted it a bunch of sites. The aim was to see how much traffic I could pull from these sites in a day, well it's been about half a day and here are the results.

This is the post that I submitted, Pamela Anderson Age Progression Video SFW

List of sites submitted to and the results:

Netscape - 15 Referrals and 2 votes.
Digg - 9 ref and 2 diggs.
StumbleUpon - 4 refs.
Fark.com - 57 refs and got buried.
Ebaums Forum - 311 refs and still going strong, a bunch of comments to.
Technorati - gave me some referrals also.

All up I have generated 629 visits in half a day, my stat log sizes are not that great so some of the traffic is unaccounted for. usually I'll see a few new links referring to my post, presumably from finding it from one of the sites mentioned above, but this time I haven't found any new referrers. Ebaums forum was the best by far and goes to show that contributing your posts to the right kind of forum for your content can go a long way. I expect ebaums to give me a nice steady stream of traffic for a few more days.

The Fark submission got buried within half an hour, but still managed to send me the second highest amount of traffic, can you see the potential of getting on the front page there? you should only submit the best of your best posts here, if you submit crap people will notice.

As for the Social Bookmarking sites, well I have varying results through using them, sometimes they bring a lot sometimes not, at least the netscape entry is showing up in google, while the blog entry isn't, I'd expect more of the SB site entries to show up in google within the next few days.
UPDATE 30 May: Just checked google to see what other pages have been indexed and the digg entries there along with the Ebaums Thread and the Strange Clips post indexed as well.

In conclusion I feel that this a great way to kick start a new blog that is entertainment related, a post like the one you are reading now will likely not go down well at all at the sites mentioned above.

No referrals from any of these sites, but the submission process was automated, not to sure if it works anymore.

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