Thursday, May 24, 2007

What has made me money #1 FriendFinder Group

Thought I'd do a series of posts on programs that have actually made me some money, most of the programs I have signed up for have actually made me money, but for the most part at a really slow rate, so I probably wont post them.

For the first "What has made me money" post I'll talk a little about the FriendFinder Group. I wont go into any specifics about the program since they have been around for ageeeesss, I'll just write about my own experiances. (the FriendFinder group offers a lot of different sites to promote, a lot of them are of an adult nature)

FriendFinder was probably the first affiliate program I ever signed up to, at the time I was running a slightly adult oriented blog, I implemented a bunch of Adult FriendFinder ads and before I knew it I made just under $10 in the first week, sadly the following week I got bored of the blog and stopped doing anything with it all together. The blog is still up, but gets virtually no traffic, but over time I have made another $8 through the FF ads on that blog.

All this happened well over a year ago and I still haven't actually got a check from them (I haven't reached the minimum payout), but I do see huge potential in making money using the program, I just don't feel it suits any of my current blogs... until now that is Muahahahahahahahaha.

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