Saturday, May 26, 2007

What has made me money #3 Text Link Ads

I signed up to Text Link Ads about a couple of weeks ago and have just filled up one of my ad spots today at My Paranormal Life.

With Text Link Ads you can sign up as an advertiser or a publisher, I'm a publisher at the moment. My listing is valued at $15 for a months advertising, so if I fill up the 4 spots I have open I will make $60 a month, TLA pays through paypal or check.

I almost didn't continue using TLA because when I signed up and submitted my blog for review and was prompted to add the code to my blogger blog I couldn't find the option to do so, turns out I think I had to wait for my blog to be approved then the option for blogger blogs appeared.

So far I am very happy with TLA, the add that appears on My Paranormal Life is very natural looking and I'm surprised that I have filled up a ad slot this quickly, I've been a part of a few similar programs that have never converted as quickly as this one, but it's still early days.

If you are and advertiser and order atleast $125 in advertising TLA will give you $100 in free credit.
Text Link Ads

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