Saturday, May 26, 2007

What has made me money #4 Revver

I've talked about Revver here a lot all ready so I'll keep this brief.

Revver is a video sharing site, upload your videos, promote them and get payed. That's pretty much it.

I have had two payments from them so far through paypal and after AdSense Revver is my biggest earner, if the numbers keep creeping up like they have been the past couple of weeks, I see it being my top earner.

Revver has two main ways to make money, one is by creating your own videos and uploading them, they attach an ad to the end of your video where if someone clicks on it you'll get some money.

The second way of earning is through sharing other peoples videos, when you are signed into your account and find a video that you would like to share on your blog etc, your affiliate ID will automatically be inserted into the embed codes, if someone clicks the ad at the end of the video you'll get a 20% cut of the earnings and the rest is split 50/50 between Revver and the original uploader.

Making you own videos and uploading to Revver will see you make the most money, but I have begun to notice that my affiliated videos are starting to pay off, mind you I do have about 200 affiliated videos out there.

Here's some other posts that I have written about Revver:

How to promote your Revver Videos - I wrote this post as a guide for people who are using Revver for the first time, it contains links to sites that are useful in promoting your Revver Videos.

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