Monday, May 28, 2007

What has made me money #5 AdBrite

AdBrite is one of the first that I ever signed up with, AdBrite allowed for a little more flexibility it its rules for what type of content it could be displayed with.

AdBrite is a ad marketplace where you submit your blog and set a price for how much you want to charge advertisers for buying space on your blog, while setting up your blog you should also set you blog to automatically receive network ads, these are ads are placed to fill up you ad slots if you haven't sold any spaces yet, you get payed for these, but it's not as much as selling directly to advertisers.

I have had ads purchased a few times, but I set my prices low and I made what my blogs space was worth at the time.

I still have the ads placed on Beer Soaked Clothing in the left sidebar, but that is one of my dead blogs and has about 10 to 20 visits a day, but it's still contributing to my AdBrite earnings.

If your looking for a program that allows for a little more flexibility in its rules compared to other affiliate programs then AdBrite could be something to look into.

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