Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What has made me money #6 VuMe

VuMe (pronounced View Me) formally called eefoof is a photo, video and audio sharing service that pays you for hits on your media items, VuMe stands behind the principal that creators should be paid for their creations and claim that for every 1000 hits your creations generate they'll pay you $3 and pay you through paypal.

In the past I had used similar services to generate income from images, but those services where pretty weak in their goals and usually went belly up pretty quickly. VuMe is different in that they have a screening process when you upload an item, this is to ensure that the creations you upload contain no copyrighted material and are yours, so far I have noticed the review process to be pretty quick.

With eefoof I managed to earn about $32 with about 10,000 media hits in 3 months, I have been on VuMe for I think a month now and have had about 2000 media hits and earned just over $6.

I have only been working on earning from the images service they have and what I do is stick the images into the sidebar of My Paranormal Life and to also link any images I use in posts to the VuMe version, this has worked out very well for me and the VuMe images in my sidebar account for most of the outclicks from MPL. Other than the two options mentioned above, this is all the promotion that I do for my VuMe media.

VuMe has been a very successful way for me to earn from my photos with very little effort.


Court said...

The results of the contest are in! Someone will be getting some money..

Aksar said...

Vume is very profittable, at the moment I am the highest profitter on vume to date. :)

Anonymous said...

For using Vume, what video format do you export to Vume. i am using Premiere and would like to know the best quality settings.

Clip said...

I should really update this post. I'm no longer using Vume, they cut their rates down to like $1 per 1000 views or something. It also seems the people who run it haven't been around in months, though it seems people are still getting payed.

I had a few payments from them, one for 20 odd bucks, but what happened is I had make a further $40 with them, then one day it was all gone with no explanation.

Sorry I have very little experience with Vume and videos, I used photos mostly.

Anonymous said...

do you recommend another site that pays. I am looking into revver..

Clip said...

Yea, go with revver, I don't use it much anymore as I don't make a lot of videos myself.

I uploaded a dozen or so videos about a year ago and around that time I was promoting them pretty heavily, made $120 bucks for my efforts.

Even though I don't promote those videos, are year on I still make $1 off of very little views.

The trick to revver is once you upload you video you have to go on a promotion frenzy, this will give you loads of exposure and you get lucky and one of your videos may go viral. Never happened to me, my videos suck, but I still managed to make $120 from crappy videos.

Here's a list of places to promote and submit your videos, it's a little out dated, but there's gem links on the list.


Ana l Vinyl Flooring said...

Honestly, I never heard about Vume, not until today. This sounds really interesting, so my curiosity arises. I will surely check it out.