Thursday, May 03, 2007

What Kind of traffic do my blogs get

I haven't really given my blog stats a good look at for a long time, I usually just look on a daily basis if there any new referrers and what the daily traffic is.

I'm not really promoting Random Shock so I'll look into the stats of four of my other blogs which are Strange Clips and Revver Dose both spanking new blogs for me with less than 15 posts each, Embed My Video which is slightly ahead of the previous two and My Paranormal Life which is my most successful.

Traffic Reports for each blog:

Strange Clips and Revver Dose - I've only just started promoting these two ( like 3 or 4 days ago ) and both get roughly 30 to 50 visits a day, most of the traffic comes from social bookmarking sites, these entries get indexed by Google which will rate higher compared to a brand spanking new blog, so when you SB your post title it good, write a good description and tag it. I haven't done to much other types of promotion yet apart from making a thread in the link exchange section of blogger forums.

Embed My Video
- I get between 80 - 150 visits a day at EMV, the traffic is evenly split between referrals from other blogs , a forum thread and Google search. Not much change through out it's life as I haven't really been promoting to hard.

My Paranormal Life - Averaging about 350 - 400 visits a day and averaging about 8000 visits a month, with about 90% of it coming from Google search, the other 10% being referrals from other blogs. I have had two occasions when a post of mine got popular the first time bought in 19,000 hits for the month of January and produced a good amount of people linking to that post, after that I saw an increase from 150 visits a day to what it is currently now, I talked about what happened the second time this happened in this post Do Youtube Embeds hurt your blogs traffic?, it wasn't as successful that time but did bring in about 16,000 visits that month. Now if I were only able to reproduce what happened that first spike a few more times I'd be on easy street.

Hope that was helpful, it was for me because I now know what I'm going to do with Random Shock, which is to write about my experiences with building a new blog and also writing about a blog that is more established.

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