Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blog Round-up for May 2007

I've finally decided on a regular report time for my blogs and that will be Monthly, I hope I can keep organized with Random shock.

So here goes.

Total Earnings for the Month of May 2007:

Total: $57.99

In order of top earner first:

Text Link Ads

Traffic Report for the month of May 2007:

My Paranormal Life - 8,834 total visits, 16,424 page views, most of the traffic referred from google.
Strange Clips - 2,459 page views, most of the traffic referred from Ebaums forum.
Embed My Video - 1,160 page views, various.
Random Shock - 524 page views, various.

The rest are to low to mention.

Wasn't a to eventful month, everything has been pretty much the same through out a part form the Strange Clips experiment which has only just started to die down, gonna have to rinse and repeat I think.


Shopautodotca Seocontest said...

Can you post the paranormal site please?

Tricia said...

Hey, it seems like your off to a good start making money on both of your blogs.

Were you running the paranormal blog on Blogexplosion or other traffic engines for a while? I'm certain I've seen it before and I think that's where ... but I could be wrong.

A tip for you - keep blogging. Try to blog almost every day if you have enough material to do so. The more content you have on your site the more data you have out there to draw people in on search engines. You'll also have more pages on your site to advertise on and make money with too. :)

If you've looked at any of my blogs you know I write a lot. A lot a lot a lot. LOL The more I write the more visitors I get. So keep adding content (quality content of course) and you'll probably find that you earn more and more money each month.

Good luck!

BTW adding you to the do follow blogroll now too.

Clip said...

Thanks for the add to the blogroll and thanks for the advice, I did use blog explosion a little, but I got bored of using it after a day and well it's not to great for the ad sense to.

Content is king, my plan is to create my own, I'm not a great a writer so I'll probably concentrate on videos and images.