Sunday, June 03, 2007

bVides, a digg like site for blogs

I've always been on the look out for a digg like site but only for bloggers and bVibes fills that roll nicely. There are other sites out there that do come close, but for the most part have to many bells and whistles for them to be easy to use.

bVibes was launched by Ramani from Hackosphere and the service is exclusive to bloggers.

Sign up was a breeze and submitting a post was easy as, choose a category, add some tags and a description and submit. One cool thing that I noticed was when I tried to submit a non-blog site I got this error message...

"Only links from, and are allowed currently. Sorry.:"

Love it.

To regulate the service it has a credit system in place, I think each week you'll get a total of 5 credits, meaning you'll be able to submit 5 links a week, which will probably hold back spam, making people think twice about submitting a half arsed post and using their credits for good posts.

You can comment, Vote, and do all the other things most SB sites have and you can self promote (I read that somewhere) because the credit system will keep that in check.

The user base is pretty small at the moment, but I feel it should take off, it's a greatly thought out digg like site for blogs, so what are you waiting for sign up and spread the word.

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