Thursday, June 07, 2007

Creating it Breaking it or Recycling it

Putting content first is something you hear from the get go when finding out how to be a successful blogger and I'm finally starting to understand that fact, great content does the work for you.

My most successful posts have always been of my own creation, that and breaking news stories in my niches first, these are the types of posts that get me the most natural kind of backlinks. If your not creating it or breaking it then what are you doing? your recycling it and what's the point in making a post that ten thousand other people have already posted? unless you can add to it nicely, not much (something I'm guilty of).

What you could be doing is setting up something where you can quickly browse for breaking news and spend the majority of your time creating content. Which if good enough will spread like wild fire.

So my advice is this, concentrate on creating great content in what ever medium your most comfortable in, set something up to check for breaking news and do your research about anything you think you may be recycling, if you can't add to it, maybe think twice about making a post. Great and unique content will get you the best kind of backlink, natural.


Mike Perry said...

Good advice - it's all about trying to create something of 'value'. The breaking news bit is spot on again - what's hot brings visitors. Sure others may have written about it too but there's usually a different slant to put on things.

Clip said...

Hey there, thanks for the comment, love your blog. I love trying to break news and in my main niche the paranormal breaking news is far and few between, especially what I want to break any how.

This post was kind of a blog to self to try and get me out of a rut, I break it and I Recycle it, but I don't create it and that's what I want to concentrate on.

I have something going on MPL called "recreating the paranormal" and at the moment there's nothing there, it's on my to do list, but all ready it seems to be generating some buzz.

I really need to roll with it.