Monday, June 04, 2007

Do Follow Blogroll

I just signed up for Tricia's Do Follow Blogroll, there it is below. There is also a link to this post in the sidebar of this blog tittled "Do Follow Blogroll".

Looks to like Blogrolling may be down at the moment or maybe it's just on my side. The codes there.


Cyberpartygal said...

I have joined the DoFollow blogroll recently too and have seen a marked increase in my comment count!

Ponn Sabra said...

Hi! I feel like a DoFollow Evanglelist ;-)

If you want to learn more about the DoFollow history, the leaders, the originators of the list, and the BumpZee community that was formed by the leader himself: Andy Beard.
click here.

When you stop by my site, you'll notice a "U-Comment/I-Follow" badge on your sidebar; this links it to I just added you on my list my original post, so our readers can follow the entire discussion.

Hope you'll join our BumpZee community of charitable-DoFollowers ;-)

To our success & empowerment, Ponn
AKA "Power Networker Ponn" - The Top International Women Entrepreneurs Online Resource Center

Pips said...

The do-follow-list is a great idea. I´m listed, too.