Friday, June 08, 2007

Joining Top Referrers lists to get traffic and links

So I'm trying something out that is old school, I tried it with Beer Soaked Clothing when I was working on it, but at the time I didn't really understand what I was doing, so it never payed of.

I don't know what to call it exactly, but it's something along the lines of a referral exchange, Take this site for example, Link Swarm, now scroll done and look for the "Linkswarm Friends" section in the right sidebar, this is a list of the top sites referring traffic to linkswarm, in most cases the Top Five. If you click "more sites" at the bottom of this list you'll see a larger list of sites linking to LS, the lowest site has sent only 21 hits, that's pretty easy to achieve isn't it.

There are loads of sites that have systems like this is place usually with large amounts of traffic and good PR, usually humor, entertainment related and most are easy to use, just link to them, send traffic and you'll be added to the list. They all have different rules though and it will usually say what they are when you read the instructions, most of the lists re-set pretty often and if you don't regularly keep sending them traffic your site will get pushed off them, but it's easy enough to get back on them.

With Strange Clips I am testing this out, I have linked to 11 sites with a "referral exchange" in place and the link list is in a prominent position, my plan from here is use the info from my other post Traffic from zero to ?????, to drive some quick traffic to Strange Clips and hopefully a large number will click out on my "referral exchange" links, this should get me listed on those sites as sending them referrals.

I did actually try this yesterday, but the post I chose to promote was just a little behind, I was a little late. I did manage to get a few hundred visits however and I have now been added to a couple of sites on the list, which are Dave's Daily - Cool Links and Reality Carnival
. Both have sent me traffic and I'm pretty surprised I got any from Dave's daily.

I'll continue to test this out with Strange Clips and I'll let y'all know what I find.

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