Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One blog post that pays the rent

I have a theory, it's about making one post that gets wildly out of control with thousands of sites and blogs linking to it, leading to a number one rank for it on Google, it is highly searched for and has waves of popularity through out its life and brings your post and blog mega traffic everyday.

My theory is this, if you had a post like that, I think you could leave your day job, never blog again and watch the money roll in for a long time.

My basis for this is that when I first got the Internet back in 1997 I used to watch funny videos and through out the years I have seen those same videos gain popularity time and time again, spreading throughout the net as if they were new, mind you not in the same places and totally ripped off from the original creator.

However what I have seen in more recent times is blog posts from a year or so ago popping up and seemingly gaining popularity again and spreading throughout the net, a lot of the time from the exact same source that I first saw it on.

These posts are usually in the context of great information and media related. Great information in that nothing better has been written so it keeps getting referred to and media related in that it is a series of photos that show something very interesting and unique and is always the bloggers own original content, meaning that they will keep resurging like the types of videos from 1997.

But I think to have a post like that it really has to be your own original content that you can control.

I guess we all strive to make that kind of post, it would make life as a blogger a lot easier.

Dang this gave me an idea for another post, I hope it isn't as ranty as this on.

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