Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Text Link Adds is working out great

I have filled another Text Link Ads spot for My Paranormal Life and so far I am really impressed with TLAs, I've only been signed up for a few weeks now and have already made decent cash from it.

I also got payed for last months order, which was a weeks worth of advertising, to my paypal account.

MPL is valued at $15 a month for a spot and I have ten spots to fill, I may make that fewer though. Would be cool if I could fill all the spots, that would be $150 a month.

They also have a pretty impressive referral system to, they'll pay you $25 for any new publishers and advertisers you send them that sign up, but I think they have to have their site accepted first and have the code on their site for a set amount of time before you'll get payed for the referral.

Just a hint for people with blogger blogs, if you can't figure out how to add the code after sign up, give it some time and wait for the email saying that your blog has been accepted, the option for blogger will show up after that. Was what I experience anyway.

Another hint, if your site isn't at least a PR 3/10 or doesn't have an established Alexa rank, I don't think you'll get accepted.

Text Link Ads


Tricia said...

Good for you. I also use TLA and I've been doing really well with them. I've sold quite a few links on four or five of my sites now so this is starting to become a nice regular form of income.

Clip said...

Cool thanks for the comment. I was almost going to pass on TLA because I've used similar programs that never yielded anything, but I'm glad I have and If I can get my other blogs up to the same level as my biggest, I guess I could expect some nice extra money each month.

rob stgeorge said...

Hi Clip, I only have one spot sold on my blog, have been with TLA for a month or 2, however sold an affiliate advertiser signup the other day so got a bonus $25 which was great!

I certainly think they will be of value especially as my blog heads up the alexa ranks