Monday, June 04, 2007

Video guides about making money online

So I was looking for strange videos for Strange Clips on the untapped source that is Revver and came a across a few videos that I had seen on youtube, the videos are from and for Swapw - Making Money Smart and are about some of the money earning programs out there and such.

I really like the style and information that he talks about in the videos and have gained a better understanding of the things he is talking about. As introductions to the services, I really do like video overviews.

I especially liked his video about article submissions, something I have been looking into recently and hadn't quite grasped, while watching the video it made a few things click into place.


And seeing that I'm a Revver whore, I'll post thumbnail links to the videos that I especially liked.

Titles correspond to the thumbs:

Payperpost Direct
A Blog's silent killer
Alexa & Technorati explained

Link to his entire collection.

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