Sunday, June 17, 2007

What Has Made Me Money #7 CREAMaid

So I tried out CREAMaid with this post Web Affiliate Creators a great Webmaster Forum a couple of weeks ago and I've just been payed through paypal for that post.

So what Is creamaid? I guess you could say it's a little like Pay Per Post, you get payed for writing payed review posts about what offers are available to you.

The site has pretty clear instructions, but basically you find an offer you like, add the widget code they provide to your post about the offer and wait to to be accepted by the advertiser.

The widget links all the blog posts together that have all taken up the same offer, so you get links from other blogs, along with the opportunity of getting payed a referral fee for sending new users to the offer along with getting payed for your own post.

There is no sign-up at all, just provide you email, write a post, get accepted. Once your accepted you'll receive an email asking for your paypal address, this is when you get payed.

Seems to me like a pretty cool idea, the only problem is that no one seems to be using it and the offers available don't seem to change much.

Advertising on the site seems pretty straight forward as well and cheap and I'm thinking about giving it a go. 20 bucks, $1 a post, twenty posts of my choosing with my post rules in place, I think it could work out pretty well.

So in conclusion it seems like a great idea, but because of the lack of use, there isn't many offers to post about.


rob stgeorge said...

I tried Creamaid, but didnt have any luck. Maybe they are worth another shot.

Rand said...

Hi there, this is clip from my other account, I didn't make much money just a dollar for one post.

Other than that I really couldn't find any other offers that I would like to write about and there isn't much to choose from.

Just needs for the word to get out I think I really like the idea of it.