Thursday, June 14, 2007

What Has Made Me Money Summary

With my What Has Made Me Money Series I wrote a post about each of my most successful makers. I thought that I should make a summary post about each of them, just so you can browse quickly with some quick info about each.

Adsense is by far my biggest earner, but I haven't added them.

FriendFinder - Have a wide range of ways that you can make money (e.g sign-ups, referrals, per click etc) and a lot of different areas that you can promote, (including adult entertainment areas). I do not use them anymore because I don't really have any blogs that fit what they offer.

myLot - Pays you for activity on their site, participate in discussions, make your own. You'll get money for most of the things you do on myLot. Plus you can refer other users and get a bit of what they earn. It's slow earning but the more participate the more you can earn, it's kind of like yahoo answers in a way.

Text Link Ads - Sell text links on your blog and get a 50/50 split in the profits with TLA, they also have a referral system where if you refer a new and approved, active member, they will pay you $25. At the moment I have 4 ad spots filled, each worth $18 each.

Revver - A video sharing site. They attach an ad to the end of every video that is uploaded. You can upload your own or share other peoples videos, no mater what, if someone clicks an ad on a video that you are sharing, you'll get some money, more if it is your own vid though. Update they now have a CPM program in place where you get payed for views as well as clicks.

AdBrite - Sell ad space on your blog, if no one wants to buy ads on you blog they insert network ads into the free spots, which pay, but selling space is worth more. they also have many other ways to make cash as well, but the primary is a pretty good alt to Adsense.

VuMe - This is a photo, video and audio sharing site, they pay you up to $3 for every 1000 views your items get. Spread your VuMe media around, forums, your blog etc. This has been a little bit of a surprise earner for me.

These are my top earners so far, at the moment I'm trying out a whole bunch more programs, which will eventually be added to this list.

EDIT: more places I have earned from.

- I should write a post about these fellas, I'm also pretty sure most have heard of the service. if you have a blog you should really sign-up. They offer up ops, assignments to complete which advertise a service of some sought, each opp has its own rules and set amount you can earn, the lowest price I have seen is minimum of $5.00 and I have seen lots that are worth upwards of $300.

Adbux - AdBux is a pay to click program, they serve you up about 10 links a day, most of which are worth $0.01 a click, it only takes five minutes a day to complete which is roughly $0.10 a day profit. Another thing to note is that if you refer people to do the same you earn what they earn, for example if you get ten people to sign-up through your referral link and each use the service everyday and make $0.10 you'll earn a doller a day, I'm still new to this one though.

CREAMaid - Interesting idea, it's a payed post site. Choose an offer write about it with the widget they provide in the post, get paid if your post is accepted along with earning from referring other users to the offer. You can also advertise and it's pretty cheap. It's let down by a pretty small user base, but I think it is a very unique idea.


Eve said...

great post- I had not heard of a few of those- thanks!

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