Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What to do when you got no connection

So on Thursday last week my phone company decided to do a little phone line maintenance without telling anyone, my line was down until today, at least I got a bunch of cell phone credit and a months LAN line rental out of it.

Anyhow I was completely lost without my connection, what was I gonna do with all the time that I use for blogging? Well without the net I really couldn't research any topics to write about, Encarta only goes so far and then leads ya to a link. So what did I end up doing with the time, well I created a couple of sets of photos for my other blogs and a video. This is something that I would have never done if I had had my connection up and running, I'm addicted to blog promotion.

The two photos sets both need to be added to in some way so I'll only be posting them here and leaving the full posts on my other blogs until I feel they are finished.

With the first set of photos I have tried to find things within my photography that I can bring out using photoshop. Animals, people, scary things etc, it's something I haven't tried before and I hope the results are subtle, a couple may be very hard to make out, but that's what I'm looking for, I think at the moment I need a little more practice and another eight or nine images to make a decent proper post.

This second set deals with photos taken of my floor and trying to find familiar images in them, this set needs a lot more work and I think the touch-ups need to be really subtle.

I'm hoping these two sets go down well with the likes of stumble upon and some big forums and such.

The video I made is pretty basic, but it should be of interest to my readers at MPL.

Instrumental Trans Communication, it's a bit lengthy and the results are mainly psychedelic in nature.

So that's what I did with my connection problems, I actually made content that is all mine and not recycled from of the net, great stuff I hope they go down well, if not, I'm happy with most of it.


Mike Perry said...

Great to see such original material on a blog - excellent.

The images are fascinating, you have an original mind!


Clip said...

Thanks for the kind words there Mike, I really appreciate it.

The best part is that all of it has the potential of making money.

With the first set of images, I'm hoping it goes viral, gonna have to make some better ones though, still fine tuning my technique and I think I'm gonna have to target it a little better.

With the VuMe service they allow for parody images, which I think a lot of people could find useful, I'm not that funny so I don't get into that.

VuMe really adds up after time. It's not that hard to get thousands of image views if you know where to spread the links.