Sunday, July 22, 2007

All my Text Link Ad spots are full

I've managed to fill all of my Text Link Ads spots, 5 spots in total, valued at $15 a month each for a total of $75 split 50/50 with TLA, that's $37.50 for me. Though I don't see that in my earnings report, but I think that's to do with it being so close to the end of this month.

I really can't believe it's worked out so great with no effort at all, all I can attribute this to is that I have cheap ads, not that much competition on TLA for my niche, MPL is established with PR and under 1 million Alexa Rank and that's it.

I really want to increase the number of link spots I have open, but I think I'll hold of on that for awhile, I also want a better PR and Alexa ranking so I can request a raise in how much a spot on my site would cost. So there's a few things to aim for to make more money with Text Link Ads.

Text Link Ads

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