Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blog Round-up for June2007

Time for my second blog round-up. Lets see what the month of has been like for all my blogs.

Total Earnings for the Month of June 2007:

Total earned for June: $87.78
Mays Total: $57.99
Total for 2 months: $145.77 U.S

So it's up $30 from last month, this is all from passive income, starting to get into active income which should boost my earnings a lot once I start.

Traffic Report for the month of June 2007:

My Paranormal Life - 10,174 total visits, 18,256 page views. Up a little from last month. Thanks to a couple of posts that I made later on in the month which boosted my daily traffic by a couple hundred visitors.

Strange Clips - 2,029 page views, down a little from last month, but I am happy with the way the posts seem to spread by themselves.

Embed My Video - 1,048 page views, also down a little, easy to keep up with as I only post what is submitted to me and I don't promote this blog at all.

Random Shock - 674 page views, up a little from last month, but I also don't promote this blog. I also got a very nice mention in a post from Mike's Money making Mission, which was very nice, love his blog.

So the same as last month not that eventful, though I am pleased with the increase in earnings, I've doubled my ad sense earnings, the traffic increase at MPL is good to, it has given me a huge insight as to what I have to do to increase my google traffic for MPL.


Anonymous said...

Have you really made much money from adbrite?
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Clip said...

I could compare that it can earn the same as adsense (low paying ad sense), but I no longer really use adbrite that much, I only used it as an alternative to adsense because I had a blog about beer and such blogs are against ad sense TOS.

When I was promoting that blog, I had a couple advertisers buy ad space, but shortly after I stopped updating, so they opted out and network ads replaced them.

I think I've made about $8 leaving adbrite ads on that dead blog, that has roughly about 10 visits a day.

Sometimes there are problems with the network ads never showing up, but as an alt to ad sense, for me at least it seems like the best, though I haven't tried to many cpc programs.

All you need is the traffic and good ad placement to see how good it will work.

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