Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog To Self - Concentrate on what you can handle

So I think I've done it, I've stopped working on pretty much every blog I have except MPL and this one and I'm really happy about it. Everything thing seems to be going smooth and I have a lot more time to slack off and I think MPL is already benefiting from it. I'm posting to it more frequently without wondering off to work on blogs that I don't really care about or don't have the time to update, I have setup a few regular post topics on MPL so at least I have something to post on those slow news days, they utilize either my art or the time that it takes to check my feeds and daily visits, the best part is one is a regular link love post which should benefit my fellow bloggers.

Feels so good not to be blogged down, concentrate on one and do it well instead of spreading myself to thin on projects that suffer from lack of attention, it saves time and the content should benefit from it.

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capchabypass said...

i hear ya on being "blogged down"!