Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog to self - I have a Problem

I have a problem, I get distracted very easy, I make a new blog nearly every week, the problem is I get bored of these new blogs very quickly, but I invest a lot of time into them that I could have put into my established blogs.

I've got to realise that I am only one man and trying to create content for 10 or so blogs isn't really that productive.

I would still like to write to some of my smaller blogs, but for the time being I think I should be concentrating on one or two, Random Shock is easy, I just write about things that are on my mind related to blogging, MPL is easy also and it is my biggest asset, I have my information sources set-up for easy and fast checking, through feeds and bookmarked searches, forums, other blogs and other paranormal sites, it's a really full and well organized list.

Though with my other blogs I try to achieve a similar set-up, but what I did with MPL took time and I don't have the motivation to make a set-up for my other blogs quite like it.

I think a smart move on my part would be to hold off on some of my newer blogs and to concentrate on building upon MPL, instead of creating a new blog every other week from scratch on a totally unrelated topic, the topics should feed from and build upon what is already available at MPL. I have done this to an extent with Recreating The Paranormal, but the project is moving pretty slow, I have also done similar with My Paranormal Media
which just consolidates all the images and videos I have made.

I've got to realise what I have and what is working and not waste time on stuff that isn't going to lead any where.

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