Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blog To Self - Predicting Future Hot Topics

So last week I had a pretty big increase in traffic for a few days, I didn't exactly know why it was happening, but I did know what was bringing it.

My post on MPL about ZEITGEIST the Movie was what was causing it. At the time that I made the post the movie was in second to final release stage and I had managed to rank as the third or fourth result for the keywords ZEITGEIST the Movie , soon after the official release was made public, which I guess had a lot of buzz surrounding it, MPL was in a position to benefit from it.

Soon after however a lot of bigger sites started to write about Zeigeist, and it eventually pushed MPLs position down, right now it skips from the first page of results to the second and back again.

The thing that got me confused about all this was that I really didn't promote the post at all, mainly because I thought that the story had already peaked and when I saw all the traffic coming from google, I thought to myself, "dang tripling my traffic in a month is really easy". How wrong I was, I just caught on to something that I was positioned nicely for that hadn't taken off yet.

I guess I also got confused by this because I haven't really experienced this before, the style that I use isn't really geared towards predicting something that may be popular, meaning that you can position yourself nicely for when it does.

I wish I could blog like that all the time, but I think that would do my head in.

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