Sunday, July 08, 2007

Looking forward to using PayPerPost

This is a sponsored post.

I have been signed up to PayPerPost for quite awhile now and I must say that it is a service that I have been eagerly wanting to be a part of and this will be one of my first blog reviews.

For me I like to take things slow and well I haven't exactly been taking every offer that comes along, mainly because I want to write quality posts about the opportunities that I take on.

I have seen some really interesting and creative opportunities available and it has been great seeing what some of the other posties have created, especially when it comes to making a video ad for a product, those offers pay very well and also let you explore your creative side, with I am sure other benefits.

In preparation for using PayPerPost I have been reading their forum and it is a great place to learn the ropes of PPP and to get information about offers and to also see what others have done with the opportunities they have taken on, it's a very active, friendly and very helpful forum that I think any PPP user should use, great place to be.

PayPerPost is also very easy to use. Once accepted, navigate to the opportunities page, select one of the offers that you find interesting, write a post fulfilling the requirements and submit it for review, very easy.

I think it's a very worthwhile program to help you make money blogging and there are a lot of offers to choose from, all that is needed is the time to take these offers on.


Di said...

ya, i htink you will really like payperpost.. they are great to work with! I have loved doing payperpost the past 6 months!

Blogger said...

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