Saturday, July 28, 2007

What makes me money now.

So I have let y'all know what has made me money. I think it's time to bring up some new blood and some ones that have been actually a little bit of a surprise.

I'll start off with the new ones.
Most of these are referral links.

Neoffic - Neoffic is a CPM banner program, the minimum payout is 0.50cents, they pay through paypal and e-gold, for every 1000 impressions their banners get on you blog they pay $1.50, though I saw on the site that they now pay $2 for 1000 imps. I've had their banner up for 10 days now and have made $1.50, I could request a payment right now if I liked, Sign-up was very easy and the rules are pretty lenient. Though where the traffic comes from is part of it.

Exoclick - Exoclick is a PPC program similar the say adsense, you get payed when someone clicks an add displayed on your site, sign-up is easy and they pay through paypal, check and some other ways. I can't really say what the earnings are like as I have not used the program to much and again the rules are pretty lenient, they also offer up adult ads, I mean really adult, so if you have an adult site this could be a great PPC program to use.

Now on to some of the old ones.

Text Link Ads - I'm still amazed by this service, mainly because my experience with offering up links for sale has never really worked, maybe it's working because the blog that I use them on is pretty well established. It has actually sparked my interest in using the next service I'm about the mention.

AdBrite - It works kind of the same as TLA, you create a listing, set a price and hopefully someone will purchase a spot, if not they'll place filler ads that pay on a PPC basis until someone buys a spot. They also have many other ways to make money including referrals, inline ads and interstitial ads. So I'm hoping that what has happened with TLA will also work with adbrite.

- I was pretty hesitant about using this program, mainly because I didn't think I would be able to write anything good enough to get my posts accepted, but after actually completing an offer I see PPP as a great way to make extra money from blogging, more so than a lot of what I have been using to make cash online. I think that if your just starting out in blogging, granted if your blog is 3 months old, this I feel is the fastest way to make money online.

Plus there are many other programs like PPP out there, the other one I use is Smorty, which is pretty cool as well.

So those are the ones that have my online income improving, other than that the three I have used the most are pretty much the same as last month, no improvements, that's Adsense, Revver and VuMe, the last two pretty much pay you for your content creation efforts, so if your not making new stuff you income can't really improve.


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