Thursday, August 09, 2007

AdBux: Make money with a few minutes each day

So I've been trying something called AdBux out for a few days, it's basically a payed to click program, your sign up, they serve you links, you click em and get payed. They pay through PayPal and the minimum payout is $10.

I've been getting served on average 10 links a day, most of which are worth $0.01 each, so I've made $0.30 in the three days that I have been using them. I don't mind it, eventually the amount will ad up and it only takes a few minutes out of the day to click a few links.

What I found interesting was that you are able to refer other users to the service and the amount you can refer is unlimited, I'm not to sure on this, but I think you can earn up to 150% of what your referrals earn, they earn $1 you can earn $1.50.

All that is required now is to get loads of active referrals, couldn't be to hard the service only takes minutes to complete each day.

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Anonymous said...

i never heard of that one...
i´ll check it out immediately. i´m always searching for new ways to make money on the internet. i see that you´re also doing ppp ;) me too.