Friday, August 31, 2007

AIMpromote lead management Software

AIMpromote is a lead management CRM Software that lead aggregation companies can use to run their business from.

CRM stands for Customer relationship management, so the lead would be the customer, so it all boils down to customer management.

I could see why it would be very important to have software such as AIMpromote, if you have a large base of customers, keeping track of them all would be very difficult without a good system in place. I would imagine that being able to organize and have easy access to your list of customers would make your business more effective.

Now I'm all for software making life easier but a lot of software sometimes comes with things you don't need or probably wouldn't be useful, so I was happy to read that AIMpromote is very customizable, meaning you can grant access to only the features your sales team needs and they don't have to use valuable time learning something they don't need.

I know that at some point I'm going to need a piece of kit that will help me organize what I do online, in terms of money made, but also at some point I'll be moving into a couple of new websites that would need such a thing as AIMpromote.

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