Monday, August 13, 2007

Another look at VuMe

Just like to talk about VuMe some more, I've been making pretty steady cash by placing links from my blogs to my images hosted on VuMe. I know that if I put a little more effort into finding places where I can easily drop my image links I could stand to make a lot more from their service.

There's nothing in the TOS about disclosing such info so here's a picture of some of my earnings.

Click to enlarge - So as you can see the earnings do add up, you make $3.00 for every 1000 views your images get, I have been payed from them through paypal. All this by posting about the images on my blogs, all I need now is to do my research and find other places to drop my images.

One thing that I always wondered was how they make money from it, they only show one ad on the image pages, I'm not sure on this but it seems they promote some very profitable affiliate programs, I really hope it converts for them because I really like using their service. Before looking into this I got the feeling that they couldn't possibly be making anything out of providing this service and paying people to use it, but I see that if what they're doing on their end is converting they'll probably be OK.

My reason for this doubt is that I had used similar services in the past, no where as good as VuMe though, which worked on a cpm system for image views as well, those other sites had no regulations, eventually filling up with copyrighted material and nrop and would just disappear without warning.

Totally the opposite of VuMe, friendly place, great images, regular payments, I have read of uploading problems and such, but they have a moderation process and I haven't experienced any technical problems at all.

So all I have left to say is that there is huge potential in making money with this service, all you have to do is upload your best photos, know where and how you can get people to see them, for me only my blogs at the moment and just get hits, coz you'll know what you'll earn for your effort, it's easy to analyze, you just got to find where you can share your images. Can't be to hard in this 2.0 world.


Kind of a semi rant.

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