Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Round-up for August 2007

Just an early little blog earnings report, I know I've made quite a bit more this month than previous ones, The reason for this is mostly from payed to post services along with a couple of referral payoffs.

Traffic Report - Not much to say across all my blogs apart from MPL, got wind of a popular story and benefited from it pretty nicely, had over 20,000 visits and over 33,000 page views for august, plus I got quite a few natural back links from it.

Earnings Report - Got a referral payment from google this month worth $250, which was quite a shock.

Also been doing a good amount of payed to blog offers, seems to add up over time and the count downs to pay days is pretty exciting, gonna start seeing loads of emails from paypal saying "you've got funds".

Also been doing a little affiliate marketing with Amazon using the thirty day challenge as my guide, seems to have worked out ok, made a couple of sales now all I need to do is get better search engine placement for my site.


Total earned for August: $434.92
July's total: $82.91
Junes total: $87.78
Mays Total: $57.99

Total for 4 months: $663.60

Without the google bonus I would have made just over double what I did last month, I guess for September my goal will be to earn what I made for august without the bonus payouts and to explore this affiliate marketing a little more, would be nice to have that little bit of extra income.

In conclusion what have a learned in august, if you don't have the traffic for PPC services they probably won't improve until your blog does, that's why payed to post services are great to boost your blogging income.

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