Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blog Round-up for July 2007

Time for another blog round up where I see what was successful with my blogs last month.

Well I've cut out blogging at a lot of my blogs, Embed My Video is one I still want to carry on updating, but I just figured out why I wasn't getting a lot of submissions there, about a month ago I changed the email address for the submissions form and I forgot to change it back, the email was going to an account I don't check to often and well I've got a lot of work ahead of me on that one, about 50 submissions, that's 50 posts the way I do it, rrrrr.

So posting was up a lot at MPL, but the traffic is kind of not increasing like I would have expected, in fact it seems to be decreasing, I'm not to sure why this is, most of my popular posts seem to be in the same serps places, maybe people aren't searching for the topics that much, or maybe some of my low rank pages are starting to move down in the results, gotta figure it out.

Strange clips is kind of strange, I haven't posted there in awhile and haven't done much with it, but I am still seeing about a hundred visits a day, mostly from google and a post there got picked up by a pretty big site which gave the blog some decent traffic for a few days, maybe I should get to strange clips because it was pretty easy to make posts, pretty much instant content, no thought required, on my part or the readers, just fun. I just had an Epiphany, I'll tell ya if it works next month.

You may have noticed I'm pimping my affiliate links a lot here, main reason I haven't really had much to post about here at Random Shock, not to concerned, it's just my log and I don't ever see RS taking off, no promotion at all.

So lastly what have my earning been like, I haven't been keeping track, hopefully I made more than last month.

Total Earnings for the Month of July 2007:

Total earned for June: $82.91
Junes total: $87.78
Mays Total: $57.99

Total for 3 months: $228.68

Argghhh dang errr, oh well less than last month, adsense hasn't been that great this month, made less than half what I did in June. Though I've done three sponsored posts, which ad up to $22 dollars. Another thing is I had five Text Link Ads purchased a week before the end of the month which earned me about $17, I was hoping that the advertisers would stay on for this month and they have and have already made $35 for august, great start to the month. I'm hoping to break the $100 mark in august with my and with the addition of sponsored posts, TLA and a few other programs I'm looking at I should be able to do it.

I'm also starting to think of trying to make money online without blogs or sites, I'll see how that goes.

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