Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogging is like playing multiplayer games

Blog To Self

Sometimes I have moments in blogging when I get this feeling of "gee that was a good move", it's a feeling I used to get when playing video games, especially multiplayer games.

When I first started playing online games I'd enter a server not knowing what to expect, what I was usually presented with was an onslaught of expert players who would proceed to beat the snot out of me, I would stick with it though, but sometimes it was frustrating because it felt like I wasn't getting any better. After awhile though come those moments, where you start holding your own, you start getting better shots off, people start praising you and even asking for you to join their clans and eventually before you know it your an expert player to.

Much like blogging I think, at first your a small fish in a big pond, you wonder what the hell is going on and if it will ever pay off, then all of a sudden you get a huge spike in your traffic, you make your first dollar, people start linking to you etc and you get to a point where you feel you can compete and not feel so over whelmed.

With video games though there is always someone playing better, but if you keep at it you'll eventually get there as well.

I remember one game I used to play called "Soldier of Fortune" there was this one player that no matter how good I got he was always one step ahead of me, I liked that , it made me strive to be better, it didn't matter if I never got to the level that he was, the journey was worth it.

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